Substance uses
Cadmium substances

REACH Definitions

Use: means any processing, formulation, consumption, storage, and keeping, treatment, filling into containers, transfer from one container to another, mixing, and production of an article or any other utilization;

Identified use: means a use of a substance on its own or in a preparation, or a use of a preparation, that is intended by an actor in the supply chain, including his own use, or that is made known to him in writing by an intermediate downstream user.

In the REACH registration technical dossier, the use of the substance must be indicated. If the substance is dangerous, more data is required such as documented Exposure Scenarios (ES) and Risk Management Measures (RMM) to ensure safe use. This information is then made available along the supply-chain in the form of an eSDS (extended safety data sheet).

Dangerous substance is

  1. Already EU hazard classified
  2. Identified during the REACH hazard assessment process as meeting the criteria for classification as defined in Directive 67/548/EEC or 1999/45/EC.

SIEF members should view the current list of reported EU uses, to check that their use of the substance is already on the list. If your use is not yet on the list, please contact us so that it can be considered for inclusion. The intention is to include as many uses as possible in order to facilitate an easier registration of zinc substances for SIEF participants.
Please note that:

  1. If you are a Manufacturer or Importer > 1000 tonnes, the legal deadline was 30 November 2009 to identify and inform your uses of this substance to the supplier for their inclusion in the REACH registration dossier.
  2. If your substance is considered dangerous and your use is not covered by the joint Registration Dossier, you cannot continue using the substance for that use unless you have developed your own Chemical Safety Report, including ES & RMM.

Exposure Scenarios

The technical dossiers are being prepared by the Zinc Consortium for the metal and compounds and will include ESs for classified substances.

Current list of reported uses, please follow the relevant links