Cadmium Oxide (EC 215-146-2)
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Generic Exposure Scenarios

  1. Cadmium oxide production
  2. Formulation general
  3. Manufacturing of other cadmium compounds
  4. Laboratory reagent
  5. As component for solid blends & matrices
  6. As component for production of dispersions, pastes and other viscous matrices
  7. DU of CdO-containing solid preparations
  8. DU of CdO-containing liquid & pasty preparations

Identified Uses

  • Component for production of inorganic Cadmium compounds
  • Component for production of organic Cadmium compounds
  • Component for production of Inorganic pigments
  • Electro-galvanizing
  • Electroplating
  • Laboratory reagent
  • Cadmium production by pyrometallurgy
  • Additive for production of frits
  • Additive for production of glass
  • Additive in the manufacturing of electronic components
  • CdO in electrotechnical contact material
  • Batteries/Fuel cells
  • Component for polymer-matrices, plastics and related preparations
  • Use of CdO-containing polymers for cable protecting & isolating coatings
  • Use of CdO-containing polymers for tube &sheet articles
  • Use of CdO-containing polymers for moulded articles
  • Use of CdO-containing catalysts

If your use is not in the list, please contact us to report it.

The list of uses with descriptors of use can be dowloaded from the link below. However, they appear as they were discussed and potentially updated in the "old" IUCLID format. In the new 5.4 IUCLID, entries would have to be revised (compatibility of ERCs in the different sections).


Document compiling the uses reported in the dossier as of December 2012
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