Guidance for SIEF-Member Registrants (Joint-Submissioners) who will submit a co-registration dossier.

The aim of this document is to help ensure that companies can successfully submit a dossier under the REACH Regulation 1907/2006 through REACH-IT, and in particular to explain the initial checks that are made by REACH-IT to determine whether the dossier can be accepted for further processing.

Basically, the joint registration process involves the following steps:
=>  File import
=> Legal entity check
=> Completion of IUCLID data file
=> TCC check on IUCLID file
=> Dossier creation
=> TCC on dossier
=> Dossier export
=> Submission of dossier on REACH IT
  1. Be member of the relevant joint submission
  2. Functional IUCLID platform version 5.2.0 or 5.2.2 and Technical Completeness Check (TCC plug-in) 
For registrants with more than one legal entity: some of you already experienced trouble with multple imports of the same substance...
  1. Import our co-registrant i5z file "zinc" under legal entity X
  2. Modify/adapt as required (use guidance for SIEF-member registrants)
  3. Change legal entity X to Legal Entity Y (by login-logout if the user is different, or by chosing another L.E. in the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the IUCLID Main page)
  4. On IUCLID main page: create a new substance with the same chemical name "zinc"
  5. Copy/paste sections 1, 3, 11 from the first substance to the new one.
  6. Modify/adapt what needs to be (analytical info, composition if relevant)
You have now 2 substances "zinc", one for Legal entity X and one for Legal entity Y to make the dossiers
Guidance for SIEF-Member Registrants (Joint-Submissioners) who will submit a co-registration dossier.
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Guidance for registrants to become members of a joint-submission on REACH IT.
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Guidance on Legal Entity Object conflicts prevention or resolution before or after IUCLID installation
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