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The REACH process is one of the most significant legislative initiatives for companies producing or selling zinc and zinc compounds in Europe. IZA, keeping the Secretariat of the Consortium, together with ICdA, are taking the lead role in making this process as smooth as possible.

Consortium formation overview

Since March 2007, it was proposed, in between the Zinc and the Cadmium Industry, not to wait until the constitution of SIEFs in 2009, but to anticipate and to form a Consortium of companies that would tackle the REACH related issues on a collective basis. Specifically, membership, management of the consortium, budget, membership fees and a preliminary legal agreement were discussed.

It was agreed that the most effective and efficient way to respond to REACH was to do it collectively, thus taking advantage of the very significant work already completed in the framework of the EU Risk Assessment process and the group approved the proposal to create a Cadmium Consortium, as it is, indeed, a means to group several or all the potential registrants of a substance or a group of related substances and to share the data gathering, the preparation of file(s), the associated costs and eventually the Registration. The Cadmium Consortium will have to select several "Lead-companies", which will register the different substances on behalf of all the consortium members

On June 21, the companies engaged in the preparatory work agreed upon the final text of the REACH Cadmium Consortium Agreement during a Steering Committee meeting held in Brussels, Belgium. The Steering Committee reviewed the progresses made by the Technical and the Legal working groups: the Technical & Scientific working group focused on defining the scope of the future Consortium and the related technical and scientific workload, the Legal & Administrative working group focused on finalizing the draft of the Agreement text and the Consortium organization.

The text of the Agreement was reviewed by an external legal firm and, since then, sent to all interested parties, by July 2, 2007. All companies that produce cadmium and cadmium compounds in Europe or import these substances into Europe are invited to join, as soon as possible, the Cadmium Consortium in order to provide guidance for the Consortium activities.

The first General Assembly of all Members having signed the Agreement took place on September 4, 2007 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Consortium is divided into two sub-groups of substances that form the initial scope of the Cadmium Consortium. Members can choose to participate in one or the two sub-groups. Participation in a specific sub-group implies the right to use the corresponding files prepared for REACH registration and the obligation to share the Consortium costs on a formula basis, specific to that sub-group of substances. Substances will be added or deleted from a sub-group by decision of the General Assembly.

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